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Types of Nigeria Visas
There are four types of Nigeria visas namely; Nigeria Business Visa, Nigeria Temporary Work (TWP) Visa, Nigeria Subject to Regularization Visa, and Nigeria Tourist Visa.
Nigeria Visa
To enter Nigeria you would need a valid entry visa which can either be issued at a Nigerian embassy / consulate or on arrival in Nigeria.
What Documents / Information Do We Need To Incorporate A Nigeria Business?
Two proposed names of the company, company‘s address, company’s phone number, company’s email address, initial share capital (e.g 1,000,000 shares).
Other documents / information required are name, phone number, email address, occupation, date of birth, home address, passport data page, an electronic signature of the shareholders, directors and Secretary of the proposed company.
What Documents Do I Upload For Visa Processing?
For business visa on arrival processing we need a clear passport data page, an unconfirmed flight itinerary.
For Temporary Work Permit (TWP) / Visa on arrival processing we need a clear passport data page and country where you would be processing TWP visa.
We may request additional documents or information if we need during processing.
Can I Get Refund?
Yes but only if you do not get the service you paid for which is actually impossible.
We always ensure our customers get the services they paid for in a very timely manner.
Do We Accept Credits?
Yes but only for corporate clients whom we have conducted due diligence.
Any Immigration Assistance During My Arrival In Nigeria?
Do We Accept All International And Local Currency’s Payments?
What Can I Do If I Am Unable To Make Online Payment?
Contact us via email or phone and we would manually send you invoice to your email so you can make payment.
What If My Country Is Not Listed?
Contact us via email or phone and we would manually register you.
Do We Provide Corporate Clients Services?
Do I Need Travel Permit To Enter Nigeria?
Yes. A Travel Permit is required for entry into Nigeria.
You need a Negative Covid-19 Test Result / Covid-19 Vaccine must be completed and uploaded in Nigeria International Travel Portal.
Can We Arrange Transport, Hotel Accommodation, Armed Police Escort and Meet & Greet in Nigeria?
What Is The Website Age Requirement?
A Minimum of Eighteen (18) Years
What Is The Minimum Required Passport Duration?
At Least Six (6) Months Before Expiration
What Is The Processing Duration For Nigeria Business Incorporation?
Two (2) Weeks Maximum
How Long Does It Take To Process Nigeria Temporary Work Visa On Arrival?
48 Hours Maximum
What Is The Processing Duration For Nigeria Temporary Work Permit Approval?
3 Days Maximum
How Long Does It Take To Process Nigeria Business Visa on Arrival Approval?
3 Days Maximum
Where Can I Find Nigerian Embassies (Foreign Missions) Addresses and Contact Information?
1. ALGERIA (ALGIERS) Embassy of Nigeria
No.7 Chemin Doudou Mokhtar
Ben Aknoun, Algiers
B.P. 227, Algiers 16000, Algiers Fax: 213-2-91.63.88
Telex: 61191
Tel 312-2-916387, 916391
2. AUSTRIA (VIENNA) Embassy of Nigeria
Rennweg 25,
1031-Vienna, Austria Tel: 43-1-7126685,43-1-712 6686
3. ARGENTINA (BUENOS AIRES) Embassy of Nigeria
2674 Rosales Street,
(1636 Olive), Buenos Aires,
P.O. Box 2100, Buenos Aires,
Argentina Tel: 54-11-4799-7139,54-11-4799-7006,
Fax: 54-11-4794-4061E-mail: nigerianembassy@nigerianembassy.org
4. AUSTRALIA (CANBERRA) 26, Guilfoyle Street, Yarralumla, Act 2600
P.O. Box 241,
Civic Square ACT 2608 Canberra,
Australia CODE 612- Tel: 61-2-6286 1322,61-2-62861044,
Fax: 62828471
E-mail: nigerian@dynamite.com.au
5. ANGOLA (LUANDA) Embassy of Nigeria
Rua Presidente Boumedienne,
120 C.P. 479, Luanda, Angola Tel: 244-2-340084,244-2-340089,244-2-340088
Fax: 244-2-340089
6. BELGIUM (BRUSSELS) Embassy of Nigeria Avenue de Tervuren
288, 1150 Brussels,
Belgium Tel: 32-2-762 52 00,32-2-7629831,
7. BANGLADESH (DHAKA) Nigeria High Commission
c/o Hotel Lake Castle
(Temporary address) and Telephone & Fax nos.
Dhaka, Bangladesh Tel: 880-2-8812812, 880-2~8814137Fax: 880-2-9884677
8. BENIN REPUBLIC (COTONOU) Embassy of Nigeria
Avenue de France, Marina,
Cotonou B.P. 2019, Cotonou
Republic of Benin Tel: 229-30 11 42,229-30 18 70Fax: 229-30 11 13
9. BOTSWANA (GABORONE) Nigeria High Commission
Plot 1086/92 Queen’s Road,
The Mali Gaborone
G.O. Box 274,
Botswana. Tel: 267-313561
Fax: 267-351965,267-313738
Telex: 2415 BD
10. BRAZIL (BRASILIA) Embassy of Nigeria
Sen. Av. Das Nascoeslote 5
Caixa Postal 03710, Brasilia, Brazil Tel: 55-61-226-1717,55-61-226-1870
Fax: 55-61-322-1823,55-61-223-5839,
E-mail:nigeriaemb@persocom.com.br; nigeria@persocom.com .br
11. BURKINA FASO (QUAGADOUGOU) Embassy of Nigeria
B.P. 132,
Avenue d’Oubritenga
Rue de I’Hopital Quagadougou,
Burkina Faso Tel: 226-30 66 67
Fax: 226- 31 52 02
Telex: (0978) 5236 BF
E-mail: embrig@liptonfor.bf
12. CAMEROUN (DOUALA) Nigeria Consulate
Boulevard de la Liberte,
Akwa Douala, B.P. 1553,
Douala, Republic of Cameroun Tel: 237-43-21-68,237-43-21-61
Fax: 237-42-07-66,3420766
Telex: (0970) 55556
13. CAMEROUN (YAOUNDE) Nigeria High Commission
B.P. 448,
Yaounde, Republic of Cameroun Tel: 237-22-34-55, 237-23-45-23:
Fax: 237 2235551 Telex: (0970) 8267
E-mail: nig.yde@camnet.cm
14. CAMEROUN (BUEA) Consulate-General of Nigeria
P.M.B. 30, Buea
South West Province,
Republic of Cameroun Tel: (237) 332 2528 (237) 332 2801
15. CANADA (OTTAWA) Nigeria High Commission
295 Metcalfe Street,
Ottawa Ontario,
Canada K2P lR9 Tel: 1 (613) 236-0521, 1 (613) 236-0522,
1 (613) 236-0523
Fax: 1 (613) 236-0529
Telex: 053-3285 NIGERIA OTT
E-mail: hc@nigeriahighcommottawa.com
Website: www.nigeriahighcommottawa.com
16. CENTRAL AFRICAN REP. (BANGUI) Embassy of Nigeria
Avenue B. Boganda
P.O. Box 1010, Bangui
Central African Republic Tel: 236-61-07-44
Fax: 236-61-07-44
Fax: 236-61-12-79
E-mail: nigemb@intnet.cf
17. CHAD (NDJAMENA) Embassy of Nigeria
35 Avenue Charles de Gaulle,
B.P. 752, Ndjamena,
Republic of Chad Tel: 235-52 2498,235-522647
Fax: 235-52 30 92
Telex: (0976) 5242 KD
18. CHINA (BEIJING) Embassy of Nigeria
2 Dong Wu Jie,
San Li Tun,
Beijing 100600
People’s Republic of China, Tel: 86-10-65323631,86-10-65323632, 86-10-65323633
Fax: 86-10-65321650
Telex: (085) 22274
E-mail: nigeria@bj.col.com.cp
19. CHINA (HONG KONG) Consulate-General of Nigeria
Rms. 3309-10, 33/F,
China Resources Building,
26 Harbour Road,
Wan Chai,
Hong Kong,
G.P.O. Box 5670,
Hong Kong, China Tel: 852-28278813,852-28278860
Fax: 852-28278892,852-28278896
Telex: 73963 IIX NIGER
E-mail: ngrcohk@netvigator.com
20. CONGO (BRAZAVILLE) Embassy of Nigeria
11, Avenue Lyautey
B.P. 790, Brazaville,
Republic of Congo Tel: 242-811022,242-811031
Fax: 242-811055
21. CONGO (KINSHASA) Embassy of Nigeria
141 Boulevard du 30 Juin,
B.P. 1700, Kinshasa,
Democratic Republic of Congo Tel: 243-88-43273
Fax: 243-88-43274
Telex: 21173
E-mail: nigerianemba@ic.cd
22. CUBA (HAVANA} Embassy of Nigeria
5th Avenue, No. 1401 (e 14 y 16) Miramar,
P.O. Box 6232, Havana,
Cuba Tel: 53-7-242898,53-7-242091,Fax: 53-7-242202
E-mail: enigeria@cenia.inf.cu
23. COTE D’IVOIRE (ABIDJAN) Embassy of Nigeria Nigeria House,
01 B.P. 1906, Abidjan 01,
Cote D’ivoire (Ivory Coast) Tel: 225-223082,225-211982,
24. EGYPT (CAIRO) Embassy of Nigeria
No. 13 Gabalaya Street,
Cairo Tel. 7353907, 7356042
Fax: 7557359,202-7357359
Telex: 20238EMBNIG UN
E-mail: embassy@nigeriancairo.org
25. EQUATORIAL GUINEA (MALABO) Embassy of Nigeria
4 Paseo de Los Cocoteros, Malabo
P.O. Box 78, Malabo,
Equatorial Guinea Tel: 240-9-2386,240-9-3194,240-9-2583
Fax: 240-9-3385
26. ERITREA (ASMARA) Embassy of Nigeria
Ras Dashan Street
House No. 10, Zonel,
ADM 09, P.O. BOX 1241
Asmara, Eritrea Tel: 00291-1-125606
Fax: 00291-1-125578
27. ETHIOPIA (ADDIS ABABA) Embassy of Nigeria
Azage Ayale Street,
W9, K21, Addis Ababa,
P.O. Box 1019, Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia Tel: 251-1-55-06-44
Fax: 251-1-55-23-07
E-mail: nigeria.embassy@teleecom.net.et
28. EQUATORIAL GUINEA (BATA) Consulate-General of Nigeria
Zambia Street,
P.O. Box 217, Bata,
Equatorial Guinea Tel: 240-8-2402,240-8-2157, 240-8-2906
Fax: 240-8-2157, 240-8-2906
Telex: (999) 5218
29. FRANCE (PARIS) Embassy of Nigeria
173 Avenue Victor-Hugo, 75116
Paris Tel: 33-1-47044754,47554722
30. GAMBIA (BANJUL) Nigeria High Commission
No. 52 Garba Jahumpa Avenue, Bakau, The Gambia
P.O. Box 630, Banjul,
The Gambia Tel: 220-495803,220-495804
Fax: 220-495803,220-49580 or 494305Telex: (220) 2297
E-mail: nigeriahc@qanet.gm
31. GABON (LIBREVILLE) Embassy of Nigeria
Avenue Leon Mba
B.P. 1191, Libreville,
Republic of Gabon, Tel: 241-73-22-03, 241-73-03-22
Fax: 241-73-29-14
Telex: (0973) 5605
E-mail: nigeriamission@internet.gabon.com.
32. GERMANY (BONN) Embassy of Nigeria Goldbergweg 13, Tel: 49 (0228) 322071, 49 (0228) 322072 49 (0228) 422073
Fax: 49(0228)328088
Telex: (041) 885522
33. GERMANY (BERLIN) Embassy of Nigeria (Berlin Consul)
Platanenstrasse 98 A,
13156 Berlin, Germany Tel: 49-30-4772300,49-30-4772301
Fax: 49-30-4772555
Telex: 041-307990
Fax: 21230212
E-mail: embassynigeria@yahoo.com
34. GREECE (ATHENS) Embassy of Nigeria
50, Paleo Psychico, 15452 Athens,
Greece Tel: 30-1 67 18004,30-16718007
Fax: 30-1 67 18008
35. GHANA (ACCRA) Nigeria High Commission
No.5 Josef Broz Tito Avenue,
P.O. Box 1548, Accra, Ghana Tel: 233-21 776158, 233-21 776159
Fax: 233-21 774395
E-mail: nighcom@africaaoline.com.gh
36. GUINEA (CONAKRY) Embassy of Nigeria
Coleah Cornich Sud,
B.P. 54, Conankry,
Republic of Guinea Tel: 224-461 241
Fax: 224-462775
37. GUINEA (BISSAU) Embassy of Nigeria
No.6 Avenida 14 de Novembro,
CPO 199, Bissau,
Republic of Guinea Tel: 245-20 10 18
Fax: 245-20-25 64
38. HUNGARY (BUDAPEST) Embassy of Nigeria
1022 Budapest, Arvacska u 6,
1464 Budapest, P.O. Box 1499,
Hungary Tel: 36-1-212-20-21,36-1-212-20-22
E-mail: nigeria@euroweb.hu
39. INDIA (NEW DELHI) Nigeria High Commission
21, Olof Palme Marg,
Vasant Vihar, New Delhi – 110057,
India Tel: 91-11-6146645,91-11-61 46221,91-1-6146048
Fax: 91-1-6146617,646641
Telex: 82062 NHC IN
E-mail: nigeria.nhcnd@nde.vsnl.ir
40. IRAQ (BAGHDAD) Embassy of Nigeria
Kings and President Street,
Area 601, Lane 11, House 43, AL-mansour,
P.O. Box 5933, Baghdad, Iraq Tel: 964-1-5419915,964-1-5423133,964-1-5431517
Fax: 964-1-5434513
41. IRAN (TEHRAN) Embassy of Nigeria
155 Shahid Fahazi Street (formerly Fereshteh),
Vali Asri, Tehran
P.O. Box 11365 -7148,
Tehran, Iran Tel: 98-21-2044608,98-21-2041617:
8774935 8774936,98-21-2040073
Fax: 8774921,
42. IRELAND (DUBLIN) Embassy of Nigeria
56 Leeson Park, Dublin 6,
Ireland Tel: 353-1-6604366,353-1-6604051,353-1-6604458,
Fax: 353-1-6604092
43. ISRAEL (TEL-AVIV) Embassy of Nigeria
34 Gordon Street,
P.O. Box 339,
Tel-Aviv 61030,
Israel Tel: 972-3-5222144,972-3-5222145
Fax: 972-3-5237886
E-mail: embnightv@att.global.net
44. ITALY (ROME) Em bassy of Nigeria
Via Orazio 14/18
C.P.6157, 00193 Rome,
Italy Tel: 0039-06-6896672,0039-06-6896243,
Fax: 0039-06-6832528
Telex: 610666
E-mail: nigerianicme@iol.it
45. JAMAICA (KINGSTON) Nigeria High Commission
5 Waterloo Road,
P.O. Box 94, Kingston 10, Jamaica Tel: 876-926-0400,876-926-6408,
Fax: 876-968-7371
46. JAPAN (TOKYO) Embassy of Nigeria
5•11-17 Shimo-Meguro,
Meguro-Ku, Tokyo,
Japan, Tel: 813-5721-5391, 813-5721-5392, 813-5721-5393
Fax: 813-5721-5342,813-5721-5397,813-5721-5634
E-mail: nigeriaemb@hpo.net
47. KENYA (NAIROBI) Nigeria High Commission
Lenana Road
P.O. Box 30516, Nairobi
Kenya Tel: 254-2-564116, 254-2-570226, 254-2-576896
Fax: 254-2-575871 (25420-575871)
Telex: 22194,582440
E-mail: nigken@todays.co.ke
48. NORTH KOREA (PYONGYANG) Embassy of Nigeria
Daedonggang District, Mansudung
P.O. Box 535, Pyongyang
Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) Tel: 850-2-3817558,850-2-3817168
Fax: 850-243817613, 850-2-3817293
49. (SOUTH) KOREA (SEOUL) Embassy of Nigeria
754-5, Hannam-dong, Y ongsan,
Seoul Korea 140-210 (Republic of Korea)
C.P.O. Box 3754 Tel: 82-2 .• 797-2370,82-2-797-3280
Fax: 82-2-796-2848
E-mail: nigerian@soback.kornet.nm.kr
50. KUWAIT (KUWAIT) Embassy of Nigeria
Block 1, Street 14, House No. 25
P.O. Box 6432
(Hawally), 32039 Kuwait Tel: 965-5320794,965-5320795
Fax: 965-5320834
51. LEBANON (BEIRUT) Embassy of Nigeria
Beirut, Lebanon Tel: 961-1-857610
Fax: 96t-t-857610
52. LIBERIA (MONROVIA Embassy of Nigeria
Tubman Boulevard, Sinkor,
P.O. Box 366,
1000 Monrovia 10, Liberia Tel: 231-227345
Fax: 231-226135
53. LIBYA (TRIPOLI) Embassy of Nigeria
Shara Narjis, Hai AI-Zuhour,
Tripopli P.O. Box 4427, Tripoli,
Libya Tel: 218-21-4443036,218-21-4443037
Fax: 218 .• 21-4443035
54. MALAYSIA (KUALA LUMPUR) High Commission of Nigeria
85, Jalan Ampang Hilir, 55000 Kuala Lumpur
P.O. Box 12879
50792 Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia Tel:603-4517843,603-4518512
Fax: 603-4524302
55. MALI (BAMAKO) Embassy of Nigeria
Rue 34, Badalabougou SEMA-Est, Bamako
B.P. 57, Bamako,
Mali Tel: 223-22-57-71,223-23-39-73
Fax: 223-22-52-84,223-23-39-74
56. MAURITANIA (NOUAKCHOTT) Embassy of Nigeria
E-Nord No. 191, Nouakchott
B.P. 367, Nouakchott,
Mauritania Tel: 222-252304,222-252314
Fax: 222-252346
Telex: (0974) 5869
57. MEXICO (MEXICO CITY) Embassy of Nigeria
Parque Via Reforma No. 2035 Col. Lomas de Chapultepec
Mexico D.F. C.P.11000 Tel: 52-55960430,52-55969430,
58. MOROCCO (RABAT) Embassy of Nigeria
70 Avenue Omar Ibn EI Khattab
Agdal Rabat, Morocco
B.P.347, Rabat, Morocco Tel: 212-7-671856,212-7-673856Fax: 212-7-672739
59. MOZAMBIQUE (MAPUTO) High Commission of Nigeria
Avenida Kenneth Kaunda,
821 Maputo
P.O. Box 4693, Maputo,
Mozambique Tel: 258-1-490105,258-1-492457
Fax: 258 .• 1-490991
E-mail: nigermoz@vircomm.com
60. NAMIBIA (WINDHOEK) Nigeria High Commission
No.4 Omuramba Road,
Eros Windhoek, Namibia
P.O. Box 23547 Tel: 264-061-232103,264-061-232104
Fax: 264-061-221639,264-061-232105
Telex: 667 WHK
E-mail: nignam@namib.com
61. NETHERLANDS (THE HAGUE) Embassy of Nigeria
Wagenaarweg 5
2597 LL, The Hague,
Netherlands Tel: 31-70-3501703
Fax: 31-70-3551110
E-Mail: www.nigerianembassv.nl
62. PAKISTAN (KARACHI) Consulate General of Nigeria
P.O. Box 12433, Karachi, Pakistan Tel: 92-21-5842491,92-21-5842492,92-21-5841946
Fax: 92-21-5842493
63. PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) Nigeria High Commission
Plot 132-135, Ispahani Road
Sector G-5, Diplomatic Enclave
P.O. Box 1075, Islamabad,
Pakistan Tel: 92-51-823542,92-51-823547,
Fax: 92-51-824104E-mail: nigeria@isb.consats.net.pk
64. PHILIPPINES (MANILA) Embassy of Nigeria
2211 Paraiso Street, Dasmarinas Village, Makati, Metro Manila
P.O. Box 3174,
Makati Central Post Office,
1271 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel: 632-843-9866,632-843-9868,632-843-9870,
Fax: 632-843-9867
65. POLAND (WARSAW) Embassy of Nigeria
VI. Chocimska 18, 00-791 Warsaw,
Poland. Tel: 48-22-8486944, 48-22-8486712
Fax: 48-22-8485379
Telex: 8184675
E-mail: nigemb@ant.pl
66. PORTUGAL (LISBON) Embassy of Nigeria
Avenida de Vasco da Gama,
No.3, Rostelo, Lisbon -1400, Portugal Tel: 351-21-3016189,351-21-3016191
Fax: 351-21-3018152
Telex: 040-18418, NIGERIA P.
E-mail: nigerlis@mail.telepae.pt
67. ROMANIA (BUCHAREST) Embassy of Nigeria
Strada Orlando No.9
P.O. Box 1-305
Sector 1, Bucharest,
Romania T: 40-1-650.40.50,40-1-312.79.37
FAX: 40-1-312.06.22,40-1-312.79.37
Telex: 10478
Email: Nigeremb@canad.ro
68. SAUDI ARABIA (JEDDAH) Consulate-General of Nigeria
#9 AI-Oroubah Street,
Mushrefah District District
P.O. Box 655,
Jeddah 21421, Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-6716865,966-2-6702886,966-2-6721561
Tel/Fax: 966-2-6702886
E-mail: nigerjed@orgertel.com
69. SAUDI ARABIA (RIYADH) Embassy of Nigeria
Abubakar AI-Razi Square,
Abdullah Bin Khuzafah AI-Sahami Road,
Diplomatic Quarters 94386, Riyadh 11693,
Saudi Arabia Tel: 9661-4823024,9661-4823982, 9661-4801827
Fax: 9661-4824134,9661-4801828
Telex: 406177 EMBANG SJ
E-mail: nigeriayd@zajil.net
70. SAO TOME & PRINCIPE Embassy of Nigeria
Bairro de fevcreiro
Avenida das Nacoes Unidas
C.P. 1000
Sao Tome & Principe Tel: 239-12.25404,52405
Fax: 239-12-25406
office: 239-12-25404,25407
71. SENEGAL (DAKAR) Embassy of Nigeria
Avenue Cheikh Anta Diop,
Dakar B.P. 3129, Dakar,
Senegal Tel: 221-824 43 97,221-8246922
Fax: 221-8258136
E-mail: ambnig@telecomplus.sn
72. SIERRA LEONE (FREETOWN) Nigeria High Commission
Nigeria House
37 Siaka Stephens Street, Freetown,
Sierra Leone Tel: 232-22-224224, 232-22-224229
Fax: 232-22-224219
73. SINGAPORE (SINGAPORE) Nigeria High Commission
Shaw House
16th Floor, #16-09/10 350 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238868 Tel: 65-7321743,65-7321578,65-7321579
74. SOMALIA (MOGADISHU) Embassy of Nigeria
(temporarily closed)
Kilometre 5,
P.O. Box 980
Mogadishu, Somalia
75. SOUTH AFRICA (JOHANNESBURG) Consulate -General of Nigeria
6 Bolton & Newport Roads Parkwood 2193,
P.O. Box 1014,
Saxonworld 2132, Johannesburg,
South Africa Tel: 27-11-442-3620,
Fax: 27-11-442-3841,27-11-447-4625
Telex: 431410
E-mail: nigcon@iafrica.com
76. SOUTH AFRICA (PRETORIA) Nigeria High Commission
No. 971 Schoeman Street, Hatfield 0083, Pretoria
P.O. Box 27332, Sunnyside 0132, Pretoria,
South Africa Tel: 27-12-342 080527-12-342 0905,
Fax: 27-12 3420718
E-maiI: nhcp@africa.com
77. SPAIN (MADRID) Embassy of Nigeria
23,Sagre Street,
P.O. Box 14.287 28002,
Madrid, Spain Tel: 34-91-5630911, 34-91-5630971,
34-91-563 1031, 34-91-5633144
Fax: 34-91~563 6320, 34-91-5630258
Telex: 44395 ENIG E
E-mail: nigerian-emb-sp@et.es
78. SUDAN (KHARTOUM) Embassy of Nigeria
No. 17 Sharia M’C Nimier,
P.O. Box 1538, Khartoum,
Sudan Tel: 2-49-11 779120,2-49-11-779 121,2-491 779122
Fax: 2-49-1 771491
79. SWEDEN (STOCKHOLM) Embassy of Nigeria
Tyrgatan 8,
11427 Stockholm Box 629
101 32 Stockholm,
Sweden Tel: 46-8-246390,46-8-246392,
Fax: 46-8-24 63 98
E-mail: nigeriaembassystockholm@swipnet.se
80. SWITZERLAND ( BERNE) Embassy of Nigeria
45, Zieglerstrasse, 3007 Berne
P.O. Box 574,
Switzerland Tel: 41-31-382 0726, 41-31-382 0727,
41-31-382 0726, 41-31-382 0729
Fax: 41-31-3821602,31 .. 3842626
E-mail: nigerianbern@nigerianbern.org
81. SWITZERLAND (GENEVA) Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the UN
1 Rue Richard-Wagner
1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland Tel: 41-22730. 14.14
Fax: 412869 NGRA CD
E-mail: mission.nigeria@ties.ltu.int
82. TANZANIA(DAR-ES-SALAAM) Nigeria High Commission
83 Haile Selassie Road
P.O. Box 9214, Dar-es-Salaam,
Tanzania Tel: 255-51 666000, 255-51 667620, 255-51666834
Fax: 255-51 668947
E-mail: nhc-dsm@raha.com
83. UGANDA (KAMPALA) Plot 33, Nakasero Road,
P.O. Box 4338, Kampala,
Uganda Tel: 256-41-233691,256-41-233692
Fax: 256-41-233691,256-41-233692,E-mail: nighicom@swiftuganda.com
84. UKRAINE (KIEV) Embassy of Nigeria
Kiev, Ukraine Tel: 380-44 294 8856
Fax: 380-44 2948856
85. UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) Nigeria High Commission
9, Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5 BX
P.O. Box: 29041, London
WC2N 5QJ Tel: 44-02078391244, 44-02078398746
Fax: 44-02078398746
86. UNITED KINGDOM Consular Affairs Annex
56/57 Fleet Street,
London EC47 IBT Tel: 44-02073533776,44-02073532401
Fax: 44-02073532401
87. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ATLANTA Consulate-General of Nigeria
4488 North Shallowford Road,
Suite 100, Atlanta,
GA. 30338, U.S.A . Tel: 01-770-394-6261, 01-770-394-6237, 01-770-394-5245
Fax: 01-770-394-4671
E-mail: info@nigeria-consulate-atl.org
88. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (NEW YORK) Consulate-General of Nigeria,
828 Second Avenue, New York,
NY 10017,
United States of America, Tel: 1-212-808-0301
Fax: 6871476/687P303
89. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (NEW YORK) Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the New Nations
828 Second Avenue, N.Y.,10017 Tel: 1-212-953-9130, (212) 697-7189
Fax: 1-212-953-1970, (212) 697-7189
1333 16tb Street, NW Washington,
DC 20036 – U.S.A. Tel: 01-202-986-8400,01-202-822-1500,
Fax: 01-202-755-1385,01-202-986-8449,
Phones/Fax: 01-202-462-7124,01-202.986-4554
91. VENEZUELA (CARACAS) Embassy of Nigeria
Quinta Leticia, Calle Chivacoa,
Cruce con Calle Taria,
Urbanizacion San Roman,
Caracas 1060-A Aptd. 62063
Chactlo, Caracas 1060-A,
Venezuela Tel: 58-2993-15-20,58-2-993-50-91
Fax: 58-2-993-76-48, 58-2 993-76-58
E-mail: embnig@contv.nei
92. YUGOSLAVIA (BELGRADE) Embassy of Nigeria
P.O. Box 1021, Belgrade,
Yugoslavia Tel: 38-11-413-329,38-11-401-315,
Fax: 38-11-401-305
93. ZAMBIA (LUSAKA) Nigeria High Commission 5203
Haile Selessie Avenue,
Diplomatic Triangle, Longacres,
P.O. Box 32598,
Lusaka, Zambia Tel: 260-1-253177,260-1-253265
Fax: 260-1-252535
E-mail: nigeria-hc.lusaka@zamnet.zm
94. ZIMBABWE (HARARE) Nigeria High Commission
36, Samora Machel Avenue
P.O. Box 4742, Harare, Zimbabwe. Tel: 263-4-790/65,263-4-790766,
Fax: 263-4-725004,263-4-790763
What Is A Visa?
A visa is a document which allows someone to travel into a specific country and stay there for a set period of time. Generally, a visa may only be issued at the High Commission or Embassy of the country.
Visas may be stamped or glued directly into a passport or in some instances may be issued electronically. Some countries require everyone who enters to obtain a visa, while others have what are known as reciprocal agreements with certain countries that waive visa requirements.
A visa may allow one, two or multiple entries before the expiration date of the visa. It is important to research visa requirements before traveling internationally to avoid any issues with border control officials and airlines. If a destination country requires a visa and the traveller does not have it in his/her passport, the airline may refuse to allow the traveller board their plane.
What Is The Difference Between Visa Validity And Maximum Stay?
The validity of a given visa represents the dates that the visa is effective. For instance, if a visa for Nigeria is valid for 90 days, you must enter Nigeria before the 90-day period expires. Maximum stay is the time allotted for stay in the country.
Does PeaceRyde Africa Guarantee That I Will Receive My Visa Or Passport By A Certain Date?
PeaceRyde Africa will make every effort to ensure that you get your passport or visa in time for your trip. Any processing times listed on our website are provided by the Nigeria High Commission under normal circumstances.
PeaceRyde Africa cannot always guarantee, however, that your passport or visa will be returned to you by a certain date, because ultimately the release of your visa or passport is entirely at the discretion of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) and Nigeria High Commission.
When the amount of visa and passport processing requests increases drastically, this can translate into longer processing times.
Also, processing officers, may at their sole discretion request additional documents. In such cases the processing time will also be extended.
Last minute updates on closure dates related to national holidays or other public events as well as equipment failure can also trigger delays. Such last-minute occurrences are impossible to predict and may extend the processing times.
Nevertheless, at PeaceRyde Africa we do our absolute best to get your paperwork processed on time and without delay.
What Is A Passport?
A passport is a document, normally in the form of a small book that has several functions. A passport enables a person to travel outside the borders of their home country. A passport does not automatically grant the holder the right to enter any country.
A passport also functions as proof of citizenship, so a person holding a Nigerian Passport is internationally recognized as a Nigerian citizen. In cases when visas are required, the visa stamps or stickers are placed on the pages of the passport.
Border control officials will also stamp the pages of the passport with entry and exit stamps upon entering or exiting a country.
Can My Passport Application Be Denied Or Rejected?
Passport applications may be denied or rejected for several reasons. The most common reason being failure to provide the necessary documents detailed in our checklists and/or the correct fee(s) not being paid.
Please be advised that at their discretion, NIS and Nigeria High Commission has the right to request additional documents.
How Does PeaceRyde Africa Calculate The Processing Time?
Processing times for visas and passports quoted by PeaceRyde Africa are approximate and based on processing times provided by NIS and the Nigeria High Commission under normal circumstances.
What Is A Business Visa?
A business visa is an approval from NIS or Nigeria High Commission to persons of legal age intending to visit Nigeria to conduct business related transactions, attend meetings and also availing an opportunity to tour Nigeria.
What Is A Temporary Work Permit (TWP) Approval?
A temporary work permit approval is a document issued by NIS to persons of legal age who have been employed to work in Nigeria.
What Is Nigeria Business Incorporation?
A Nigeria business incorporation refers to the process of legally registering a business in Nigeria for persons of legal age.